Review: Entertainment


Akhil (Akshay Kumar) finds out that he is the heir of 3000 crore rupees as he and his mother were abandoned by his diamond baron father (Panna Laal Johari) who is now dead. However, his life goes Topsy-turvy when he learns that the empire goes to a dog named Entertainment. What happens next?

Akshay Kumar’s performance is good as usual. He is looks the part, infuses great energy in his character and ofcourse does good action. He is well supported by Krishna Abhishek who gets very funny dialogs to mouth. He does complete justice to his role. Rest of the supporting cast – Mithoon Chakraborty, Sonu Sood, Prakash Raj and Tamannaah Bhatia do a decent job.

The dog’s role has been intended to make us laugh and also shed a couple of tears. It has been trained well and is a cute presence, particularly for dog lovers. But the melodrama with Akshay and the dog, towards the end drags the movie further down. There is a particular sequence involving many breeds of dogs and it barely manages to bring in the expected ‘entertainment’.

Although a good stress buster and perhaps a great movie for kids and dog lovers, the script neither appealing or well thought and appears no-brainer alongwith series illogical dialogues that are senseless.

The narration of Sajid-Farhad is faulty and has many loopholes that are not cloudy. It seems duo lacks filmmaking skills and there is great space for perfection.