Review: Filmistaan


An affable Bollywood buff and wanna-be-actor Sunny (Sharib Hashmi), goes with an American crew to remote areas in Rajasthan to work on a documentary film. One day after pack-up an Islamic terrorist group kidnaps him. When the group leader find that the inept terrorist had mistaken their prisoner for the American crew-member he decide to keep him hostage until they locate their original target.

Sunny finds himself on enemy border amidst guns and pathani-clad guards, The house in which he is confined, belongs to a Pakistani (Inaamulhaq), whose trade stems from pirated Hindi films, which he brings back every time he crosses the border. On this shared wavelength, Sunny wins some brownie points from his stern guards. Soon, the two factions realize that they share a human and cultural bond. They decide to deliver their ward back to his country. The film shows how cinema can be the universal panacea for co-existence.

The film has put together humour, emotion and drama at its perfection. Splendid narration does not find a single dull moment in the entire flick. The dialogues are well worded and effective as well. Movie flows well and everything goes in balanced way that clearly appear from the amazing accolades and overwhelming positive response that Filmistaan received. The background score of the massively entertaining flick is effective and mesmerising. The cast has done full justice with the allotted roles and would not allowed the audience to leave the edges of their seats even once.

Performance wise Sharib proves to be an all rounder! As much as his comedy makes one laugh, his emotional scenes make one think about the whole situation and the irony of it all. Innamulhaq has given him an amazing support by playing a character that is so endearing. Among support cast, Kumud Mishra playing the role of dreaded terrorist is a treat to watch.

The film won the The Silver Crow Pheasant Award for Best Debut Film in International Film Festival of Kerala. The film also bagged the Best Feature Film in Hindi in the 60th National Film Awards 2012.

The movie must be watched for riveting performances, humor, story and very good direction!