Review: Finding Fanny


Finding Fanny revolves around five rather dysfunctional characters that live in the quaint sleepy village of Pocolim, nestled deep in the interior of Goa, India. Pocolim is a village where pointless conversations are a way of life. Nothing ever really happens here and the people of Pocolim, well, they just exist. One night, the old postman Ferdie (Naseeruddin Shah), receives a letter that is slipped under his door.

He realizes that it is the letter he had written 46 years ago to the love of his life, Stefanie Fernandes (Anjali Patil), asking for her hand in marriage. To his utter shock, he discovers that it had never been delivered. All these years Ferdie has lived a life of melancholy and regret, believing that Stefanie had rejected him. He decides to find his beloved Fanny (as he fondly called her) and tell her the truth. Where would she be after 46 years? Dead? Happily married? Would she even remember him? Or is Stefanie Fernandes merely a figment of Ferdie’s imagination?

Four colorful characters from the village join the trip under random pretexts, though in actuality everyone wants a distraction from their mundane lives. A young virgin widow (Deepika Padukone), a bitter mechanic (Arjun Kapoor), a belligerent artist (Pankaj Kapur) and an obnoxious self-appointed “Lady” of Pocolim (Dimple Kapadia) join Ferdie as they experience various hilarious and moving events that change their lives forever.

Director Homi Adajania has absolutely beautifully presented the story of five oddballs and their journey to find Fanny. The best part about the film are the characters – each strikingly different from the other. What’s even better is that the script does justice to all of them. The casting is spot on and each and every character has been well-defined and they all manage to shine in the film.

Deepika not only looks angelic but she plays her part very well. Dimple Kapadia as an obnoxious widow is simply brilliant. And so are Pankaj Kapur and Naseerudin Shah. While the former has been given the most hilarious and wicked dialogues, the latter is more like the Indian version of Mr Bean. But the surprise package amongst all was Arjun Kapoor who is an arrogant mechanic and is hopelessly in love with Deepika.

The music by Mathias Duplessy and Sachin-Jigar is a pleasant surprise which goes with the script concurrently. Cinematographer Anil Mehta deserves a special for the way he has captured Goa is breathtaking.

Finding Fanny is a well-written film that combines comedy and drama to create a charming story as well as accomplished entertainment. Expect no masala element if you are looking for one!