Review: Humshakals


After the recent Himmatwala blunder, Sajid Khan is back with a film that is genuinely atrocious. He dedicates his latest nuclear weapon to Peter Sellers, Jim Carrey and Kishore Kumar – his masters of comedy. Jim Carrey is the only one alive out of the three, but not for long I suspect, if he were to witness what follows.

Ashok Singhania (Saif Ali Khan) is a billionaire heir of an industrial empire, who dreams of becoming a stand-up comic. He and his sidekick Kumar (Riteish Deshmukh) find themselves in a mental asylum, after Ashok’s money-grabbing Uncle Kans (Ram Kapoor) gives them a dose of a mind altering drug that makes them behave like dogs. Confusion ensues when Ashok and Kumar inadvertently switch places with their doppelgangers. They use their Uncle’s double, a murderer, to avenge him, but more chaos follows for the hapless pair when a third set of lookalikes surface.

Humshakals is annoying and does not rise above the already low expectations. It would be unfair to blame Humshakals for being illogical because the audience should go in expecting such tropes. Humshakals is meant to work as a funny film and it is unable to do that wholly. There are a few funny moments and gags but the movie as a whole falls flat. If you are really in the mood to unwisely spend your money on a movie this weekend, then Humshakals should be in your itinerary.

Saif Ali Khan is miscast in his role and cannot carry a slapstick comedy on his shoulders. Riteish Deshmukh displays his superior comic talent with elan. And Ram Kapoor definitely showcases the best performance of all.

The women in the film – Bipasha, Tamanna and Esha have nothing to do except dance, add glamour and are relegated to playing eye candies. Needless to say, Bipasha made a smart move by not promoting this one.

The music of the film though deserves a special mention. That’s so because it spares us the horror of continuous mindlessly stupid film in front of us. ‘Caller Tune’ cranks up an interesting tune, along with Neeraj Shridhar’s characteristic vocals.

There aren’t enough adjectives to effectively convey the endless agony that is Humshakals. Despite having strong star cast, this movie is filled with cheap, non-sense comedy and is a disaster with pathetic storyline.