Review: Queen


The wedding cards, the marriage mandap, the mithais, the guests, the families and the bride, Rani (Kangana Ranaut) are all ready but the groom, Vijay(Rajkumar Rao) decides to call it off citing valid differences. Forget that he is the one who pursued her over the years. He is now an NRI who has seen the world while she is a timid dehati from Rajori, without a worldview.

After a few days of anguish, the bride decides to take the honeymoon trip herself. It’s obviously a fanciful rendering because the one who paid for the honeymoon is left a mystery. “I want to go on my honeymoon” she tells her parents who are not the least bit shocked. After all she always wanted to go to Paris- the most romantic city in the world (she dutifully mouths).

In Paris, Rani befriends with Vijayalakshmi (Lisa Haydon) who is a hot single mother with Indian genes from her father’s side. Vijaya shows her around paris and helps her gain enough confidence to travel to Amsterdam alone. In Amsterdam, the true test comes when she has to share a small dorm with three other men from different continents. She even receives an accolade and a hint of romance from an ‘English Vinglish’ sort of challenge.

Director Vikas Bahl has worked on every single detail of the movie closely and his work has indeed done wonders. The film has a few scenes that are purely unforgettable. The music by Amit Trivedi adds to the positiveness of Queen with ‘London Thumakda’, ‘Hungama’ and ‘O Gujariya’ being the best of the lot. The songs fit perfectly in the plot making it even more watchable. Cinematography is wonderful and screenplay is apt and gels with the narrative perfectly.

Queen is everything that it is because of the terrific portrayal of Rani by Kangana Ranaut. She is outstanding and goes all out to get into the skin of the character. Be it desperately trying to save her bag when being mugged or meekly telling a dirty joke to foreigners, there is no trace of Kangana in the performance and all you see is Rani. She is a delight to watch in every frame and this is surely going to be one of the best performances of this year.

Lisa Haydon is an absolute revelation on the screen. She comes up with a confident act and looks absolutely stunning. She showcases her potential to the fullest. Rajkumar Rao is pleasing even though he gets very less screen time. Kangana’s family and her friends in Amsterdam are ably cast and are first rate.

This is one of those rare films which boast the power of simplicity, something that should not be missed at any cost. Queen is a true winner!