Review: Ragini MMS Two


The film begins from where its prequel ‘Ragini MMS’ ended. ‘Ragini MMS’ revolved around a young couple Ragini and Uday who went to an isolated house for a dirty weekend and the creepy and paranormal happenings that took place with them there.

In this movie, Ragini has been sent to a mental asylum and her boyfriend Uday is missing. The incident garners attention of a filmmaker Rock (played by Parvin Dabas) who wants to make a film on it. He signs an actress named Sunny (played by Sunny Leone, duh!) to play the lead role of Ragini. In order to make the film more realistic, he decides to shoot the film in the haunted bungalow where the incident had taken place.

During the time the shooting commences, spine chilling horrific incidents start taking place. These paranormal incidents leave the cast and crew shaken and surprised. Everyone wants to get rid of the place yet Rock’s passion and the consequences do not permit them to leave the haunted bungalow in precedence of finishing the shooting. Is the place really haunted, why Rock doesn’t want to leave the place?

The movie is high on erotic content as promised and Sunny Leone is effortless at doing so. Oh and she basically walks around in her underwear a lot for no good reason. The acting in the movie is nothing special and the music is already popular. The good part of this movie comes near the end. The scene is intense, well crafted, and scary. Too bad it makes little sense.

Director Patel has very cleverly mounted on screen a script which is packed with jokes, ghatiaya dialogue, dirty talk and even a female orgasm. Ragini MMS 2 has the standard plot of film within a film. But it’s been used to great effect and impact here. Has just the right amount of mambo-jambo to carry the conceit of horror films forward.

Overall, if you don’t mind watching two hours of cheap thrills, cheesy dialogues and erotica on the big screen, then you should definitely not miss out on Ragini MMS 2.